Commitment to quality
There are some factors that Eurobusiness Group takes into consideration as part of maintaining and increasing the quallity level.
First we started from a full understanding of our clinets’ needs. Working in close cooperation with our clients, our suppliers and subcontractors helps us ensure the high level standard of our services. We place the client in the center of all our actions and that is why his feedback is extremely important to us, in as much as this is the main condition for optimizing and improving our services. At the same time, this wish to evolve can be seen in the attention we pay to our employees’ regular training, also complying with the regulations for the safety and protection of labour.
A policy of quality and environment friendly
The basic principles of EurobusinessGroup management stick to quality and environment protection.
The ISO 9001 standards ensure that the regulations for environment protection, by which the level of the impact on the environment is measured and with which our services and products comply are known and obeyed by our employees.
After all it is part of our firm policy to administer the business in a responsible way to environment, complying with all the standards at work, trying, at the same tie to meet the expectations of our clients in due time and withpout fail, that is quality and more than that, trustworthy services.
We have been involved in a rpocess of improving and preventing pollution, and that is why we make sure that all the wastes are stored properly or recycled.
Our firm’s policy is documented, implemented and maintained, while it is communicated to all our employees and subcontractors by displaying it in accessile areas and by regular trainings.

Certificate CERTIND - Documentation, implementation and maintenance of a QUALITY SYSTEM MANAGEMENT according to the requirements of the standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008 in the following domains of activity: Printing house
Initial certification: 4th March 2008
Up to date recertification: 7th March 2011
Certification expiration date: 7th March 2014 (on condition of annual approval)

The National Council of the Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises in Romania awards this diploma for the 16th position in the domain of Other activities of printing n.c.a.according to the classification in the "National Top of Private Enterprises for 2007" - 7th November 2008